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The cottages are beautifully situated by the water. Close by, there is a bird protection area between February 1 until August 15. At the island, you will also find a nature trail that the public has access to. Temporary visitors are allowed to moor but not stay for more than one or two hours.

Moreover, you will be able to find sheep outside the field fence of the cottages, and down the beach, that is very well suited for younger children, you will be able to find a private sauna overlooking the beautiful sea and archipelago.

The big cottage has 3 beds, while the smaller cottage, called “The Summer House”, has 3. The houses are situated very close to each other.

There is no running water, but high quality water can be fetched from a water pump, located very close to the cottage. There is no electricity available on the island either; food has to be cooked on a gas-stove, and the fridge is driven by solar cells. The solar cells can also be used to charge your mobile phone by a 12v outlet. The restroom is located in a seperate house.

Foto: Fredrik Olsén

Foto: Fredrik Olsén

Saturday – Sunday One house

1 500SEK

Two houses

3 000SEK

Friday –  Sunday 3 000SEK 6 000SEK
Thursday – Sunday 4 500SEK 9 000SEK
Sunday – Sunday 10 500SEK 15 000SEK