59°10,45 N
018°45,46 E

Skogavik is located right by the water at the southern part of the island Braka. The sea view is magnificent and the peacefulness is almost unreal. There is no electricity on the island; food has to be cooked on a gas-stove and the fridge is driven by solar cells. The solar cells can also be uset to charge your mobile phone by a 12v outlet. There is no running water, so the water, which is of high quality, has to be collected from a water pump located very close to the cottage. Down by the water, you will also find a private sauna overlooking the beautiful sea and archipelago.

Foto: Fredrik Olsén

Foto: Fredrik Olsén


2 000SEK Saturday – Sunday

4 000SEK Friday – Sunday

6 000SEK Thursday – Sunday

9 000SEK Sunday – Sunday (during summer)