The booking opens Monday 8 March. Feel free to send us an e-mail. Use the contact form “Kontakta oss” on the website. Initially, it is possible to book an overnight stay in the period 1 April to 27 June.

The hostel is located in the village of Bullerö and has 16 beds. ”Parstugan” was most likely timbered in 1720, after the Russians harried the Swedish archipelago. ”Sjögrenska villan” was most likely built in 1810. Both houses have been cautiously renovated to keep the old culture and style.

”Parstugan” has a total of five beds in two different bedrooms, separated by a kitchen. The house is adapted for disabled visitors. ”Sjögrenska villan” has two stores with separate entrances. The bottom floor has a total of seven beds in two bedrooms that are separated by a kitchen. The top floor has a total of four beds in two bedrooms that also are separated by a kitchen.

All kitchens are modern. However, running water isn’t available in any of the houses, but has to be fetched from a pump on the yard. The quality of the water is very high. Restrooms are available in a separate buildning.

Prices according to the table below.

Parstugan 5 beds 300 SEK/night/adult
Sjögrenska downstairs 7 beds 300 SEK/night/adult
Sjögrenska upstairs 4 beds 300 SEK/night/adult
Foto: Maria Hammargren

Foto: Maria Hammargren